Friday, December 24, 2010

Life Objectives @ 26

About year ago, I made a list of things I wanted to do with my life ( I've achieved a lot of that list, and I just turned 26 so I think its time to update! Here are my new life goals:

1) Maintain or grow Onoko profitability, as we double our staff count and continue our acquisition of the social media universe.

2) Remember to pray for people, especially my family, at least every day.

3) Continue to get fit (I'm halfway to target on most metrics!)

4) Learn about and support microfinance initiatives, especially in association with my new friends at Opportunity (who are very cool btw).

5) Go to Leeds more and hang out with Ayana + Lukshmi + Johann (and buy Ayana lots of presents so she likes me)

6) Find a beautiful, intelligent, encouraging girl, then love other people and change the world together :).

Lots of other cool trips and experiences planned for the next year, but they don't count as life objectives so are not going on the list :).

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random things I've done :)

I was bored on my flight to Dubai, so I started making a list of all the random things I've done with my life. I am still adding stuff to this list, so if I have forgotten something please let me know!  Thank you everyone for making my life awesome! :)

Survived birth (I was very premature and lived in an incubator)

Survived again (I had really bad convulsions and my parents rushed me to hospital where they dunked me in a vat of water to cool me down. Torture? I think so)
Started pre-school and declared that I was utterly in love with my Japanese classmate. 
Had lots of female admirers thanks to my cute curly hair. They annoyed me back then, if only I could get them all back ;)

Started Shatin Junior. Distinctly remember Shaun Sinniah promising to be my best friend forever if I only gave him my lunch.

AGE 10
Started at Shatin College
Started going to Solid Rock

AGE 15
Worked for the British Consulate and got into the top floor with Secret Service personnel (sorry "military attaches") and discovered a giant photo of the Queen.
Won a scholarship
Got locked in a room with thousands of unmarked, unused passports...
Went rowing in Australia with school team. Accidentally went to a nude beach.
Dated Joy

AGE 16
Went to a debate in Harvard. Was confused by US immigration who assumed my traveling partners (a short asian guy, a tall white guy, and another brown guy, all with different surnames) were my siblings. Was subsequently tested for nuclear and biological weapons.
Went to Vietnam and crawled around Vietcong tunnels.
Won a medal at the HK Rowing Championships. It was a bit of a scam, there were only three teams racing. We came last, and still won a medal.

AGE 17
Wrote Joy a little book, cos I was still totally in love with her
Got into Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Cambridge.
Visited Hawaii and was interrogated by Homeland Security about Jesus and the meaning of the Easter resurrection.
Started at Cambridge
Went to a fancy dress party and had to keep a nearly-naked girl away with a wooden stick and a bottle of Dr. Pepper. 
Carried $150k in cash through the streets of Wimbledon in a tattered envelope. Felt like a mafia don.
Represented Kofi Annan at the HKMUN. Won an award for attempting to avoid war in Iraq by bribing the delegates from Ireland with unlimited free icecream if they voted against the resolution.
Got a note from a girl who said she was madly in love with me but was too nervous to tell me who she was.

AGE 18
Flew to Jo'burg and went to Costa's epic 21st. Smashed plates and drank a bit too much thanks to Costa's weird Indian friend. Later went to Sun City and gambled a little too cautiously, losing minor sums of money.
Worked at a school for rebellious kids.
Accompanied Nicola to the Cheltenham Ladies College graduation ball. Fascinating experience ;)
Tried to start a company making personalized chocolate boxes.

AGE 19
Worked for UBS and unintentionally visited a strip club.
Persuaded Joy to visit me in Europe.

AGE 20
Graduated from Cambridge
Tried to make money speculating on short term financial markets. Failed miserably. 
Joined Merrill Lynch, and worked in NYC and NJ.
Got slapped by a girl for the first time ever (I asked her if she was hugged enough as a child).
Flew to Kazakhstan on a private jet and had lunch with the President.
Accidentally got stuck in a Zambian mine
Launched CambridgeAid with help from Tom, Jennie, Alice, and a few other people.
Funded Shanthi School, a little school for Sri Lankan kids that I named after my mum.

AGE 21
Went on a blind date for the first and only time in my life. Girl turns out to be psycho. Avoids girl. Later bumps into girl, and agrees to have icecream with her at Haagen Daaz. Girl starts offering sexual favors. Runs away and yells at Kevin who set us up. He thought she'd be "perfect for me".
Quit my job and started Onoko (although it had no name back then)
Started dating Nilani
Made apps that failed.
Started as Solid Rock leader.
Went to Shenzhen with Wei. Made videos pretending to be Godzilla. These videos should never surface.

AGE 22
Made apps that failed. Started hanging out more with James which made things better.
Went to England for months.
Went to Tower of London with Hayley. Watched Simpsons Movie in London with Hayley and James at the most expensive cinema ever. 
Sister got married. I was the wedding planner.

AGE 23
Made apps that failed.

AGE 24
 Got dumped 3
Hung out with Chima and Seb who very kindly came to HK
Made StalkerCheck which outperformed Farmville, and reached number 3 on the Facebook charts, reaching 18 million users
Made StatsAboutMe, reaching 20+ million users
Made Social Interview, reaching 40+ million users
Formally recruited James
Rented our first office
Went on an epic family trip to Scotland

AGE 25
Recruited DC and DDF
Made Yes/No Game, our most profitable application ever
Went to Jeju Island, met some rather awesome IWT people
Flew around Hawaii in a helicopter
Flew around San Diego in a helicopter
Flew around Singapore in a helicopter
Fired my first gun and ate Biscuits and Gravy for the first time (thank you TW/Tina)
Drove a speedboat in Missouri (thanks Butch!)
Hung out with Mo, Clare and Chetna in sunny HK
Hung out with Robby in LA, who nearly turned me into a Republican ;)
Went strawberry picking in Oregon, stayed with the very awesome Bevis family :)
Visited Texas, and was treated to fine southern hospitality (thank you Diana) ;)
Got Andy and Bianca out to HK. Epicness.
Flew to Edinburgh to carry boxes for my sister.
Had a birthday party for my beautiful baby niece on the day she was born! :D :D
Went to Singapore with DDF for a couple meetings.
Went to Shanghai and Beijing with Costa :).
Had Robby come over to HK to talk some business and strategize lots on meeting single Christian women.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Next Steps

For the first time in 3 years, my work is at a place where it generates enough revenue to support me, allowing me to consider next steps. I am well aware that this revenue stream is flaky and unreliable at best, but I really do need to improve my ‘work-play-love-rest-worship’ balance. Here is my current list of things I want to do:

  1. Do more exercise, to the extent that it becomes a habit, and I start to enjoy it.
  2. Continue creating apps and sites to grow or maintain Onoko’s revenue stream.
  3. Learn to take a genuine day of rest each week. In school, I was really good at this, and recognized it as the foundation of success (and sanity) – where/when did I lose that?
  4. Spend more time contemplating alone on the Ma On Shan beach/pier (the waves are very therapeutic, and normally there’s almost no one – a private beach 5 minutes away, how many people have that? ).
  5. Do more equity investment, because buying shares (and concept funds) is ridiculously fun.
  6. Build a (microfinance) portfolio. Helping the poor start their own businesses with low-cost loans from US$25 – utterly brilliant.
  7. Go to California and visit Andy, Robby, and Joy.
  8. Visit all the people I’ve neglected for the past several years.
  9. Make a site or service that does more than make money, that actually makes a difference in people’s lives (probably something revolving around the bucket list concept, and helping people achieve their aspirations)
  10. Work out what I think about predestination, hell, and other difficult topics
  11. See the people I love most discover (or rediscover) Christ
  12. Get a really cool Onoko office (ideally in the Science Park), and hire brilliant people
  13. Go to a poor country, stay in a random person’s house, and eat dinner with people I barely know. I did this once in Kazakhstan and it was one of the best experiences of my life.
  14. Meet a pretty, single, Christian girl, although this is deliberately low on my priority list, because I have lots to do, and women are time-consuming, and expensive (oops, I’m going to get in trouble for that one)
  15. See Shatin Church get an awesome new ministry center, and make it feel like home.
  16. Ride around in helicopters (ideally for a purpose, so I’m not just wasting fuel… maybe I can volunteer for a rescue mission, or deliver food aid… helicopters are my weakness).
  17. To be less scared of being a failure (I’m not scared of failing because I fail all the time, but I am scared of being a failure), and realize that people have value beyond accomplishment.
  18. Become as good as Isaac on the drums, and as good as Leonie on the keys.
  19. Land a guest role on Big Bang Theory, the funniest TV show ever
  20. Develop new outlets of creative worship, like a Christian bollywood-style dance group (how cool would that be).

Okay, thats my list for now. I’m sure there are things I’ve missed; I will add them later :). Please comment if you think there are things I should add! :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Make Google Look Good

One of my little projects. Visit for details.

Google Wallpaper

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thoughts of the day

1) If I post short, meaningless posts with links to a normal blog, does it become a microblog?

2) I don’t see the beauty in poetry. I wish I did. I’d feel cultured.

3) I am going to write a million posts today, then pause for thought.