Sunday, October 11, 2009

Next Steps

For the first time in 3 years, my work is at a place where it generates enough revenue to support me, allowing me to consider next steps. I am well aware that this revenue stream is flaky and unreliable at best, but I really do need to improve my ‘work-play-love-rest-worship’ balance. Here is my current list of things I want to do:

  1. Do more exercise, to the extent that it becomes a habit, and I start to enjoy it.
  2. Continue creating apps and sites to grow or maintain Onoko’s revenue stream.
  3. Learn to take a genuine day of rest each week. In school, I was really good at this, and recognized it as the foundation of success (and sanity) – where/when did I lose that?
  4. Spend more time contemplating alone on the Ma On Shan beach/pier (the waves are very therapeutic, and normally there’s almost no one – a private beach 5 minutes away, how many people have that? ).
  5. Do more equity investment, because buying shares (and concept funds) is ridiculously fun.
  6. Build a (microfinance) portfolio. Helping the poor start their own businesses with low-cost loans from US$25 – utterly brilliant.
  7. Go to California and visit Andy, Robby, and Joy.
  8. Visit all the people I’ve neglected for the past several years.
  9. Make a site or service that does more than make money, that actually makes a difference in people’s lives (probably something revolving around the bucket list concept, and helping people achieve their aspirations)
  10. Work out what I think about predestination, hell, and other difficult topics
  11. See the people I love most discover (or rediscover) Christ
  12. Get a really cool Onoko office (ideally in the Science Park), and hire brilliant people
  13. Go to a poor country, stay in a random person’s house, and eat dinner with people I barely know. I did this once in Kazakhstan and it was one of the best experiences of my life.
  14. Meet a pretty, single, Christian girl, although this is deliberately low on my priority list, because I have lots to do, and women are time-consuming, and expensive (oops, I’m going to get in trouble for that one)
  15. See Shatin Church get an awesome new ministry center, and make it feel like home.
  16. Ride around in helicopters (ideally for a purpose, so I’m not just wasting fuel… maybe I can volunteer for a rescue mission, or deliver food aid… helicopters are my weakness).
  17. To be less scared of being a failure (I’m not scared of failing because I fail all the time, but I am scared of being a failure), and realize that people have value beyond accomplishment.
  18. Become as good as Isaac on the drums, and as good as Leonie on the keys.
  19. Land a guest role on Big Bang Theory, the funniest TV show ever
  20. Develop new outlets of creative worship, like a Christian bollywood-style dance group (how cool would that be).

Okay, thats my list for now. I’m sure there are things I’ve missed; I will add them later :). Please comment if you think there are things I should add! :)


  1. Love the list...:-) Would love to have a beach 5 minutes away to contemplate! Loved your social interview app and am contemplating doing something similar to help us protect coral reefs aroudn the world. Would you be available to do that? Cheers, Stephan ( -

    Living for the last 3 years the same crazy work rythm to get our start-up off the ground. Have fun at the beach...:-)